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Serene to angry

February 4, 2012

I have always enjoyed going to War Eagle Mill in Arkansas. I like the building, the history of the mill, the 100-year-old bridge, but most of all the serene and peaceful setting on the river. But a recent trip left me with a totally different reaction to the area.

There had been a heavy rain the day before and the river was up and flowing fast, swirling and making vicious whirlpool type ripples as it went over a rock ledge. The sounds and sight of it looked mean and ugly and made you aware if you fell into the river it would and could suck you under, it had an angry demeanor to it.

It made me think how nature so parallels life, how our lives go through times where everything is peaceful and pleasant, then there are times where we experience trouble and turbulence. Just as nature has its seasons we too experience different seasons in our life time.

War Eagle Mill


Whats in the vehicle?

February 1, 2012

So I’m at the filling station today getting gas when two large trucks with jacked up tires pull in, one on my left and one on my right. I’m thinking why does anyone need a vehicle that large. Then this “little short” man gets out of the double cab, one ton truck, with super big tires where you need a ladder to get in it and I wonder does driving a big truck make him feel big. Then I begin thinking, gee does driving a little sports car make me feel thin and skinny? Maybe the purchase of my 350Z was not just about a mid-life crisis!

Wild goose chase ends up finding route for next bike trip

October 2, 2011
Emilys Tea Foom

Went on a wild goose chase today, as I had been told about the Tahlonteeskee Courthouse in Gore which I had never heard of, thought I knew just about every site in Oklahoma. So googled it and found some information from Cherokee Tourism that said it was open and gave hours, another site I found stated it was closed in April 2010. The pictures looked like it might work for a group so off we went to see if it was worthy. We found it no problem. Unfortunately, it was closed, and looked like it had not had any maintenance in a while.

The day was not a total wash as we enjoyed the drive and I was reminded of a great stop for ladies, Emily’s Tea Room and the Garden Gate Shop. Leaving Gore we decided to take 10 A to Fin & Feather, it was closed for the season, bummer. From here we took 100 north around the east edge of Lake Tenkiller and stopped at Cookson Smokehouse for lunch. This was an excellent choice, the building inside and out looks like a log cabin and has a very rustic atmosphere. Antiques and wildlife mounts on the walls. The food was good and could accommodate a group, also is biker friendly. Continued north on Hwy 100/82  to Keys and at South Indian Road then headed south around the west edge of the lake. This would make a perfect bike trip and at the intersection of Hwy 82  and Indian Road is Tenkiller Lodge which looked like some nice accommodations, and will my choice when going back on the bikes. I’m looking forward to returning with the bikes and taking the route around the lake as it  has some nice curves, actually I may have had a little too much fun taking them in the guppy. Oh well, what can I say, a girl has to have fun.

You don’t have to leave Oklahoma to have fun

July 31, 2011

Headed out several weeks ago on the bikes for Durant and the Choctaw Casino Resort. We made a stop in Sulphur at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to take some photos and drive through the park. Dan wanted to get some pictures of the bikes going across the low water bridge near the Travertine Nature Center. Not only does the guppy swim but my bike can swim too. I got wet up to my knees, Dan said I was going to fast but I just coasted down the hill and across the bridge. The photo of me was out of focus, but got a good one of Dan crossing it.

We arrived in Durant at the Choctaw Casino Resort about two, hot and ready to take a break. Spend a couple of hours that afternoon at the pool. There are actually three pools, one indoors that connects to one outside, then one they call the Oasis. The Oasis has water falls, fountains, an area that resembles a cave, hot tubs, and an adult only area that has a bar where the bar seats are in the pool. If you like to people watch you can do it here. From little ones, to teens, to adults of all ages. We went back to the pool that night and it was a totally different experience with tiki torches near the waterfalls and colored lights in the water. We don’t do a lot of gaming but the choices of restaurants and swimming areas made it a nice weekend get away at a reasonable price.

Forever changing

May 24, 2011

I was recently sitting in a waiting room visiting with a lady that lived in the country about 40 miles out of Oklahoma City. She had been back in Oklahoma a year after living in Florida for 10 years. She went on and on about how things had changed in Oklahoma City and was very negative about it. I made the comment to her that I’m sure if she had been away from Florida for 10 years and went back it would not be the same either.

Devon Tower downtown OKC

I personally love the changes that have happened and are happening in Oklahoma City. It’s been exciting to see the development of Bricktown. I remember when it was nothing but abandoned buildings. I remember the Canadian River before the lock and dams. Today we know it as the Oklahoma River and is one of the best rowing venues in the country. The Myriad Gardens just re-opened with a totally new look. As I walked through the gardens during the Festival of the Arts all I could say was wow. It far surpassed my expectations.  I am witnessing the Devon Tower going up and seeing the change in Oklahoma City’s skyline daily. Next, big change will be the relocation of I-40, which will drastically change the landscape of downtown Oklahoma City.

I love the changes and look forward to the changes to come. What a boring life we would have if nothing ever changed.

The name says it all

April 25, 2011

If you’re wondering why I named this blog Janet’s Journey Jaunts first of all its about me, Janet. Journey is defined as “traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time”. Jaunts is defined in as “a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure.”

This blog is about my journeys or jaunts of travel and exploring the countryside and cities, via car or my motorcycle. It will also include blog posts on the journeys of  my life, that may include; work, school, family, etc.

It’s not about the destination…its about the journey

HootSuite add ons make tweeting faster and easier

April 19, 2011

For all my social media addict friends that have not discovered HootSuite yet, I highly recommend checking it out. HootSuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, and RSS feeds. You can manage up to five free, more than that you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

What I just discovered and have been experimenting with are some HootSuite Extensions. I downloaded the HootBar extension for Firefox and also the Hootlet Firefox Add On. The Hootlet Add On lets you post to a social network with one click from the Hootlet icon on your toolbar. HootBar allows you to post links from the URL window. How cool is that? On a web page you want to share? Click the Twitter Bird in the url bar and post the link to your Twitter account. You can even add text from the URL bar.

Click here to find out more about these add ons and make managing your social media easier.