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Stafford Air & Space Museum – Weatherford OK

February 1, 2009

The Stafford Air & Space Museum is found in Weatherford, Oklahoma where Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford was born, spend his childhood years, and graduated from high school in 1948. Stafford’s career with NASA included six missions and over 500 hours in space along with his command of the Apollo 10, the first lunar module to the moon in 1969.

The museum began with a few items that Stafford donated to the airport in Weatherford which was named the Thomas P. Stafford Airport to honor this hometown pioneer of space travel and exploration. The museum has grown today to over 35,000 square feet. The museum honors the life and accomplishments of Stafford and has an actual flight suit that Stafford wore on the Apollo 10 along with many other artifacts that were actually in space on different missions.

The museum features exhibits from the beginning of air travel with a full size replica of the Wright Flyer that the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903, a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis, and also a replica of the Apollo Command Module. One of the largest items in the museum is an actual 94 foot Titan II missile.
This museum is truly unique to Oklahoma and a must see. Open 7 days a week at 3000 East Logan Road adjacent to Weatherford’s Thomas P. Stafford Airport near I-40. Call 580-772-5871 for hours.

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