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Yellowstone in Winter

March 21, 2009

I just talked to someone that had been to Yellowstone this February and it reminded me of the wonderful time I had several years ago when Dan and I went to Yellowstone during the winter. We toured Yellowstone National Park via a snowcoach (pictured above). No cars are allowed in Yellowstone during the winter only the snowcoaches and snow mobiles and even that only on designated roads. It was one of the most wonderful experiences. It definitely is on my list of the top five favorite places I’ve visited.

It was actually colder in Oklahoma than it was in Yellowstone the week we were there. The snow is such a different experience that here when it may melt some in the day then refreeze over at night to make a slick hazard to walk on. There it really was not slippery and the sidewalks at the hotels and other areas were cleared.

Of course we visited Old Faithful while we were there. The geysers are such wonder of nature. A friend and I made snow angels in Yellowstone Park, what fun to act like a kid again. Someday I hope to return and rent a snowmobile and explore the park with a guided snowmobile tour.

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