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Snow in the Black Hills

May 12, 2009

We just recently returned from South Dakota and the Black Hills. As we approached the Black Hills the patches of snow got heavier and heavier. When we arrived in Keystone we were told they had 10 inches of snow two days before we arrived. What a beauty it was with snow covering the mountains.

Hwy 16A out of Keystone is marked for no trucks, rvs, sharp curves, tunnels. Well having heard of a motorcoach that had gotten on this road then could not turn around or back out and ended up with 3 broken windows just enticed me to drive it. And what an experience it was. With three tunnels and a number of sharp turns it was a fun road to drive in the “Blue Guppy” (my blue Nissan 350Z). There were several wooden bridges that we went under did a loop and was immediately on top of the bridge. The road was clear of snow but the forest ground was covered with snow, such a pretty site. About half way we arrived at a lookout point where you could see Mt. Rushmore in the distance. This was the only time during the trip that it was really cold and windy. And the wind whistling thru the pine trees made an erie sound.

This would be a great drive on a motorcycle!

“The Blue Guppy on 16A
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