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Shore excursion while docked at Progreso

February 7, 2010

Now is this burly looking or what????


The photo above  was taken where we picked up the Rhinos (mini jeeps)  in the Mexican town of Telchac for our drive out to the Mayan Ruins. We departed here and went to the Xcambo Mayan Ruins which is where we bought the hat made from palm leaves. Leaving there we went to a private beach area where we walked the shore and picked up a few seashells for Hanna and Janie. The beach area was really not as pretty as I expected I was expecting the pristine beaches that I found the next day in Cozumel. This beach was lets say natural….with driftwood, sea shells that had washed up, and a very interesting shell of a puffer fish. They recommended not to walk the area barefoot as there had been a storm recently and jelly fish had washed up on the shore. Sure enough Dan spotted one covered in sand and hard to see if you had not been looking for it. After our tour we returned to Telchac and were treated to refreshments at an open air cafe/bar/restaurant. We enjoyed a cold beer and snacks while one of our guides played the guitar and sang for us before bidding us farewell and we returned to the ship.

Shell of a Puffer fish on the shore near Telchac, Mexico

Open air cafe in Telchac

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  1. Danzil Erwin permalink
    February 7, 2010 7:52 pm

    O that was so good, and that cold beer, O yes.

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