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journey begins at the American Banjo Museum

July 27, 2010

Live is full of journeys and I’ve started a new one as I changed jobs and am now at the American Banjo Museum, located in downtown Oklahoma City in Bricktown. Working the front desk I have met visitors from all over the US and Europe as well. I also handling all the group reservations. With prior arrangements groups can enjoy a live banjo performance in the Shakey’s Room and a Pizza Parlor. For those that may not remember Shakeys Pizza they were the first pizza franchises in the US. They spread across the country in the 60’s and 70’s and today only a few remain on the west coast.  Ok, now you’re saying “what does pizza have to do with banjos?” One of the franchise requirements for a Shakey’s was they had to have a live banjo player. The Shakey’s Room is an exact replica with light fixtures, stained glass windows, Shakey whimsical signs, and player piano. My move to the American Banjo Museum has been very good for me, Johnny and Margie are great to work with.

American Banjo Museum in Bricktown

Shakeys Room at the Banjo Museum

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