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Shore Excursion: Cozumel Dune Buggies and Snorkling

January 31, 2011

Day Four on Carnival’s Cruise brought us to Cozumel. We had booked a dune buggy excursion that included snorkeling, a Mayan ruin, lighthouse, and lunch on the beach. Weather was perfect! We had a small group, eight of us and our tour guide, Carlos. We got in our dune buggies and took off.  We drove the streets of Cozumel to arrive at Punta Sur for snorkeling. We were fitted with flippers, snorkel masks, and life vest before entering the beautiful blue waters where in just a short distance from shore we could see schools of fish and coral reefs. The fish were so close you could almost reach out and touch them. I have to admit, the guide looked out and took extra care of the oldest lady in the group (me) and at times had me hang on to his float and pulled me along.

After snorkeling we returned to our buggies and headed to the southern tip of the island where we found crocodiles before proceeding on to the beach area where lunch was served. After lunch, had a short time for relaxing in the hammocks, ah…siesta time. From here we headed to the Punta Celerian Lighthouse. One hundred thirty steps to the top.  Dan made the trek up while I walked the beach and watched the waves crash into the rock formations.

From here we headed back to the pier where we had started, thanked Carlos our wonderful guide , and said our goodbyes. The pier area has lots of shopping so we did some speed shopping, as at this point we had less than an hour to get back on the ship. Did find some purses for Hanna and Janie (which they loved), purchased some vanilla, and Dan found him a do-rag. Dan acquired a new name, as all the merchants try to get you to enter their store, they kept calling him Senor Whiskers, Senor Whiskers, come see.

Oh yea, almost forgot the iguanas. First iguana we saw was where we stopped for the snorkeling, then saw several at the Mayan Ruin, last one we saw sorry to say was on the way back to the pier. He was the one that didn’t make it across the road, the dune buggy in front of us hit it, made a huge popping sound.  There are also lots of small motorcycles and scooters on the island. Of course, we would notice that all were wearing helmets, so must be a helmet law. But we also saw a young couple on a scooter, the mother in the back was holding a 2 or  3-year-old  in her arms that had a helmet on, but he was sound asleep. Now that, would not be legal in the states.

The Dune Buggy tour was a highlight of the trip loved!

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