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I just may be addicted to apps

March 29, 2011

its all about me app janet rainesAs a class project we were to create an app using a free trial from Widgetbox and place some of our social media sites into it.  I had more fun working on this and decided it could be addicting. I titled my app “…it’s all about me.” In the app I incorporated my Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, a page about my OKC app, and then included a page with some fun stuff about me. It also allowed me to place a poll, I chose the topic “Are you addicted to Social Media?” You can answer, “Yes, definitely”, “Maybe, somewhat” or “No, not at all.” So check it and out and vote in my poll.

The one thing that I could not get to work was placing a feed in it from my Facebook page. Every time I tried, it gave me an error message. I did some googling on it and some said you had to use a Facebook app to create a RSS feed. Then others said Facebook had changed some features and you could not do a feed from your Facebook page any longer. I finally abandoned the attempt to get Facebook  interrogated into it.

The preview while you are working on the app does not seem to view well in Firefox and the site recommends using Google Chrome browser. After downloading Google Chrome the preview worked perfect.

The app can be downloaded to an iPhone or Androids and can be found by clicking here. Or scan this QR code

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