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A journey to Kansas begins with safari pioneers

April 10, 2011

Yes, there may be some gypsy blood in me. I love to go places I have never been and see new things. For me its all about exploring the places I have yet to discover. So this weekend we took off in the car, just because the weather report was not favorable for taking off on the bikes. We began our adventure with a stop in Chanute, KS at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. This couple from Kansas truly lived a life of “adventure” as they traveled the depths of Africa from 1917 to 1936. They lived and filmed the wilderness, wildlife, and local tribes that they connected with. Their story is fascinating, their adventure was dangerous, their photography and movie filming are amazing for this era when motion pictures were so new. The museum has some wonderful artifacts and a great story to tell. You can begin with a short introductory video, but personally I wished there had been video screens through the exhibits with short clips of their movies.

With my interest in Social Media I was intrigued with how they are using this area of marketing for the museum.  On Twitter you can follow @SafariMuseum for short excerpts from Martin’s dairy and @SafariMuseum2 you will find tweets from Osa’s diary. They are also using Twitpics to add photos to their tweets. On YouTube there are several short film clips to tell you more about the Johnson’s and the museum. There is one titled Baboona that gives you a sampling of what they brought to the movie theaters at a time when sound movies were so new to the screen.

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