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Forever changing

May 24, 2011

I was recently sitting in a waiting room visiting with a lady that lived in the country about 40 miles out of Oklahoma City. She had been back in Oklahoma a year after living in Florida for 10 years. She went on and on about how things had changed in Oklahoma City and was very negative about it. I made the comment to her that I’m sure if she had been away from Florida for 10 years and went back it would not be the same either.

Devon Tower downtown OKC

I personally love the changes that have happened and are happening in Oklahoma City. It’s been exciting to see the development of Bricktown. I remember when it was nothing but abandoned buildings. I remember the Canadian River before the lock and dams. Today we know it as the Oklahoma River and is one of the best rowing venues in the country. The Myriad Gardens just re-opened with a totally new look. As I walked through the gardens during the Festival of the Arts all I could say was wow. It far surpassed my expectations.  I am witnessing the Devon Tower going up and seeing the change in Oklahoma City’s skyline daily. Next, big change will be the relocation of I-40, which will drastically change the landscape of downtown Oklahoma City.

I love the changes and look forward to the changes to come. What a boring life we would have if nothing ever changed.

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