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You don’t have to leave Oklahoma to have fun

July 31, 2011

Headed out several weeks ago on the bikes for Durant and the Choctaw Casino Resort. We made a stop in Sulphur at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to take some photos and drive through the park. Dan wanted to get some pictures of the bikes going across the low water bridge near the Travertine Nature Center. Not only does the guppy swim but my bike can swim too. I got wet up to my knees, Dan said I was going to fast but I just coasted down the hill and across the bridge. The photo of me was out of focus, but got a good one of Dan crossing it.

We arrived in Durant at the Choctaw Casino Resort about two, hot and ready to take a break. Spend a couple of hours that afternoon at the pool. There are actually three pools, one indoors that connects to one outside, then one they call the Oasis. The Oasis has water falls, fountains, an area that resembles a cave, hot tubs, and an adult only area that has a bar where the bar seats are in the pool. If you like to people watch you can do it here. From little ones, to teens, to adults of all ages. We went back to the pool that night and it was a totally different experience with tiki torches near the waterfalls and colored lights in the water. We don’t do a lot of gaming but the choices of restaurants and swimming areas made it a nice weekend get away at a reasonable price.

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