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Serene to angry

February 4, 2012

I have always enjoyed going to War Eagle Mill in Arkansas. I like the building, the history of the mill, the 100-year-old bridge, but most of all the serene and peaceful setting on the river. But a recent trip left me with a totally different reaction to the area.

There had been a heavy rain the day before and the river was up and flowing fast, swirling and making vicious whirlpool type ripples as it went over a rock ledge. The sounds and sight of it looked mean and ugly and made you aware if you fell into the river it would and could suck you under, it had an angry demeanor to it.

It made me think how nature so parallels life, how our lives go through times where everything is peaceful and pleasant, then there are times where we experience trouble and turbulence. Just as nature has its seasons we too experience different seasons in our life time.

War Eagle Mill

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