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Traveling backwards for a moment

April 17, 2011

I’ve always said life is a journey, but that journey is not always forwards. Sometimes it takes you backwards to unpleasant memories and pleasant things. The two intertwine making us who we are. Most big trucks and equipment have a warning beep when they begin to go in reverse. Wish the same where true when life puts me in reverse, I would like a warning that this is going to happen. Yesterday afternoon I had some unpleasant memories come flooding back to me, that were quite overwhelming. Yet, that morning I had found a box of old recipes from my dads mom that brought pleasant memories. They were dated from 1952 to 1967 and as I went through them I found several dishes that I remembered from years past. Well, actually they were mostly desserts, cakes, pies, and jello salads. Some have turned into holiday traditions as the Cherry Bing Salad. Both of my grandmothers were wonderful cooks especially when it came to desserts. And this was a time when the cakes did not come out of a box and the pie crusts were not frozen. I remember Grandpa Mounts always saying there were only two kinds of pies that he liked, “Hot and Cold” and this I have always agreed with. My grandmothers may have been responsible for my love of eating, but I did not inherit their love or talent for cooking. I wonder what my grand kids will remember about me? Defiantly not my cooking, maybe my love of travel and motorcycles. Hanna has called me her Hippie Biker Grandma. Yes, guess that will definitely take presidence over cooking when they remember me 50 years from now.

But from reverse we must go forward. We pull into a parking spot, then we back out and go forward again. Even at the airport the plane must go backwards from the hangar before it can take off again. Most of our cars have a few scratches and dents but they still keep running. And lets not forget the speed bumps that make us slow down and take it easy for a short time.

It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey…..and that journey takes us many places through many valleys and over many hills.


A journey to Kansas begins with safari pioneers

April 10, 2011

Yes, there may be some gypsy blood in me. I love to go places I have never been and see new things. For me its all about exploring the places I have yet to discover. So this weekend we took off in the car, just because the weather report was not favorable for taking off on the bikes. We began our adventure with a stop in Chanute, KS at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. This couple from Kansas truly lived a life of “adventure” as they traveled the depths of Africa from 1917 to 1936. They lived and filmed the wilderness, wildlife, and local tribes that they connected with. Their story is fascinating, their adventure was dangerous, their photography and movie filming are amazing for this era when motion pictures were so new. The museum has some wonderful artifacts and a great story to tell. You can begin with a short introductory video, but personally I wished there had been video screens through the exhibits with short clips of their movies.

With my interest in Social Media I was intrigued with how they are using this area of marketing for the museum.  On Twitter you can follow @SafariMuseum for short excerpts from Martin’s dairy and @SafariMuseum2 you will find tweets from Osa’s diary. They are also using Twitpics to add photos to their tweets. On YouTube there are several short film clips to tell you more about the Johnson’s and the museum. There is one titled Baboona that gives you a sampling of what they brought to the movie theaters at a time when sound movies were so new to the screen.

Tag that Flickr

April 7, 2011

Tags are everywhere, there are name tags, tags on clothing, a tag on your car, tags on merchandise, your dog even has a tag (or should have).

What is a tag? A tag is an identifier! So why is it important to place tags on blog posts, Flickr photos, and YouTube videos? Chapter 8 in my Social Media class specifically talks about tags in Flickr. These tags increase the search ability. Even when placing a photo into a web site or blog it should have tags. Tags on photos often cannot be seen to a viewer on the web site, but the search engine sees them and this enables a higher ranking in searches.

Tags in Flickr became very important to me while working on my app about Oklahoma City. The programing that Sutro Media has developed will automatically let you search Flickr for photos that have a Creative Common license. While my hubby had thousands of photos on Flickr I realized I could not find them as many did not have tags. It’s much easier to add tags when the photos are uploaded vs going back and adding them later, so tag, tag, tag…..TAG YOUR IT!

  • Create Tag Cloud from Flickr Photo Tags with Tagerator (
  • Widgets galore

    April 4, 2011

    In Social Media we have been studying widgets and badges. I became acquainted with widgets several years ago when I  began this blog, at the time they were a new concept for me. I assumed the word “widget” was a word added to the dictionary in the last decade or so due to the development of widgets to be used on the web. But when I did some research it seems as if “widget” was in the dictionary back in 1930 and defined as a noun for gadget.

    WordPress defines widgets as:

    “Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebars of your blog. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your blog sidebar.”

    I have several widgets in the right side bar of this blog. One is a widget for Twitter which feeds the latest tweets into the widget, then there is a widget for Facebook, Flicker,, and one for my travel app “OKC: in and around”. Click on any of these and it takes you to the site for each account. Instead of overloading my side bar with widgets I used the Gravater Hovercard to connect with some of my other accounts, as LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, and FriendFeed.

    Seems as if the use for widgets is unlimited. There are lots of sources to create your own widget so let the fun begin, widgets for the blog, widgets for the desktop, widgets for websites . . . hum wonder if there is widget to remind the hubby to take out the trash. (-:

    I just may be addicted to apps

    March 29, 2011

    its all about me app janet rainesAs a class project we were to create an app using a free trial from Widgetbox and place some of our social media sites into it.  I had more fun working on this and decided it could be addicting. I titled my app “…it’s all about me.” In the app I incorporated my Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, a page about my OKC app, and then included a page with some fun stuff about me. It also allowed me to place a poll, I chose the topic “Are you addicted to Social Media?” You can answer, “Yes, definitely”, “Maybe, somewhat” or “No, not at all.” So check it and out and vote in my poll.

    The one thing that I could not get to work was placing a feed in it from my Facebook page. Every time I tried, it gave me an error message. I did some googling on it and some said you had to use a Facebook app to create a RSS feed. Then others said Facebook had changed some features and you could not do a feed from your Facebook page any longer. I finally abandoned the attempt to get Facebook  interrogated into it.

    The preview while you are working on the app does not seem to view well in Firefox and the site recommends using Google Chrome browser. After downloading Google Chrome the preview worked perfect.

    The app can be downloaded to an iPhone or Androids and can be found by clicking here. Or scan this QR code

    What does you social presence say about you?

    March 27, 2011

    My social media class watched a lecture by Tom Krieglstein Director of Operations at Red Rover. Krieglstein addressed college students on their social media presence and the impact it has on their digital presence.  That today our digital presence is greater than our physical presence. Five years ago this was not the case and our digital presence is rapidly growing each year and will greatly overshadow out physical presence. In another blog entry I came to realize how true this is. I have one physical address yet listed fourteen places I can be found online. Then today I realized I left out my Yelp and UrbanSpoon profiles. Wonder now what other ones are out there that I have forgotten.

    Figures show that ninety-three percent of students have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. One of the questions Krigelstein asked was what does your digital presence say about you. Do you use your social presence to present a positive image? Seventy percentage of employers do a search online of applicants to narrow down those that will be seriously considered for hire. Are you showcasing your talents in the work place or are you talking about the all night party and how you got fired from your last job?

    It also stated that there is a 5 year generation gap in technology. I feel I am the exception to the rule as I have had a social presence for several years and use Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to connect with colleagues in the tourism industry not only to establish relationships but to keep abreast of what is going on in the industry. I have made it one of my priorities to keep abreast of technology changes and adapt to the changes.

    On VideoJug I found this informative and cute clip on “How to use Social Media to Get A Job”. Love the little blue guy on it!


    Where in cyberspace is Janet?

    March 24, 2011
    Direction sign

    Image Wikipedia

    With so many social sites sometimes I wonder myself where in the heck am I? I may have only one physical address but on the world-wide web I have many. So here is a list of where I can be found in cyberspace. Please feel free to follow, like, connect, subscribe, RSS,  with me on one or more.

    Then there is always my Connect with JanetRaines at Kimtag where you can also find a list of all of my cyberspace connections. Just click on the kimtag logo above or scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

    QR Code for JanetRaines at Kimtag