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Educational Crowd Sourcing

March 9, 2011

As a social media class assignment we attended a webinar on “Crowdsourcing”. This was presented by LearnCentral with Steve Hargadon who interviewed Don Smithmeir, founder and CEO of Sophia is a web site focused on crowd sourcing education.  The site is free and offers a multitude of packets, or presentations on different subjects from art, to science, to math, to business, to the arts, and more. These packets are created by experts in their area either those with masters or educators. It enables students to experience different teaching methods and presentations on a subject. I found the webinar very informative and am anxious to get the time to explore Sophia more. Oh by the way, found out via the chat room that Sophia is “wisdom” in Greek.


No one showcases Oklahoma better than Discover Oklahoma

March 5, 2011

The television show Discover Oklahoma” has been showcasing Oklahoma to viewers for over 20 years. The 30 minute show is aired Saturdays at 6:30 pm, Channel 9 Oklahoma City, Channel 6 Tulsa, and Channel 7 Lawton. The show produced by Oklahoma Tourism features attractions, restaurants, state parks, and festivals with the goal of letting Oklahomans know what there is to do within the state. Discover Oklahoma has over 400 clips on YouTube and I’ve added several of my favorites to this playlist.

Of course, it has the American Banjo Museum on it, not just because I work there but because it is so amazing and surpasses every visitors expectations. Then there is one of Oklahoma City’s newest attractions The Museum of Osteology.  Hope you enjoy these clips as much as I have.

No bones about it, there are plenty of bones at the Museum of Osteology

February 27, 2011

bone museum of the worldI don’t rave about things often, well maybe I do, but only because there are so many awesome things to do in Oklahoma.  But this is one of those things that has to be on your “must do list,”  the Museum of Osteology. The Museum of Osteology opened October 2010 and has already seen more than 5,000 visitors come through the doors. When you walk into the facility there is definitely a wow factor with a 45-foot humpback whale weighing more than 2,500 pounds suspended from the ceiling, a giraffe, a African elephant, and displays lining the walls hundreds of species from around the world

This museum was a dream come true for Jay Villemarette who has spent his entire life dealing with bones.  Finding the skeleton of a dog when he was seven lead him into becoming the world’s leading supplier of osteology specimens with his business Skulls Unlimited. In 2009 Mike Rowe from the TV Show Dirty Jobs visited Villemarette and filmed a feature about the cleaning, sterilization, and bleaching process involved in the preparation of Osteology specimens.

The Museum of Osteology is located at 10301 South Sunnylane, Oklahoma City. The museum is open Monday-Friday 9 am- 5pm and Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm. Admission is $5 for adult and children, children under 3 are free (1 per adult). For more information call (405) 814-0006.

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Oklahoma City Travel App

February 25, 2011

Travel App For OKCThis travel app focuses on things to do in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. The app contains over 100 entries, 700 color photos, descriptions of each venue, one click phone numbers, one click web addresses, and maps.

Since its launch July 2010 through February 2011  there have been  350 downloads, with 1,533 sessions, average duration of 4 minutes 45 seconds per session, on 380 unique devices, and a total usage of  121  hours.  With the majority of the downloads being within the United States there have been downloads of the app from users in German, Russia, Vietnam, Denmark, and Australia.

My love of travel and Oklahoma was the driving force behind wanting to author this app. I partnered with Sutro Media which developed the programing for the app. Sutro Media has over 180 travel apps authored by local experts who input the detailed information for each entry.

Using Bookmarking Sites

February 20, 2011

Bookmarking sites can be kind of overwhelming. I have had a Digg and StumbleUpon account for several years, I started playing around in them in 2009 when I started writing for But found myself not utilizing them as I should have, it seemed to take too much time.

What I have learned from Deltina Hay’s book A Survival Guide to Social Media is that these sites can aid in the ability for me to return to sites I find interesting, especially when researching travel locations. It will also enable me to find and see what others have bookmarked when I search for a location using these bookmarking sites. This feature alone can allow for easy access to additional information rather general searches and bookmarking a single site on Firefox’s browser.

Oklahoma Sizzles Video

February 18, 2011

This Video Player has a short video titled “Sizzle Oklahoma” that is on . This link was sent to those in the tourism industry across the state asking everyone to rate it, email to a friend, share via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc to see how viral we can make it today. Due to my studies at Rose State in Social Media  you know I had no problem jumping on the band wagon. I shared on my Facebook, Dugg it, Stumbled it, Tweeted it, reTweeted it, and am now sharing on my blog. Social media is a powerful tool for the travel industry that is changing the world of marketing fast and furious.

Social Media at Rose State

February 1, 2011

As I stated in an earlier post part of my journey through life recently has been going back to school at Rose State College. I’m into the third week of my Social Media class and although I had some of things in place as my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite account, I have picked up on a lot of extras to enhance them and make them more efficient.  Which was what I was hoping to get out of the class. One thing I was unfamiliar with were trackbacks.  After doing some research I learned that this is a link that comes to your site whenever another blogger has linked to your blog. This is a way bloggers can keep track of who has linked to their site and builds relationships between bloggers. It also increases viability for your blog if you link to another, the trackback is viewed by all the readers of that blog site. The followers of the other site may click on the trackback to see what you had to say about the post.  Incoming links also aid in search engines optimization for  both blogs. Keep in mind that both parties have to have trackbacks enabled. According to solidblogger WordPress has trackbacks by default while Blogspot does not, a third party tool is needed  for trackbacks on Blogspot.

After doing some research  into what  trackbacks are I realized  I had a trackback on my blog and didn’t know it. I’m looking forward to fine tuning my social media sites, subscribe today so you can keep up with the changes that are sure to come.


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